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design guide

Create A 90s Magazine Look

What you'll need
- Any editing software that handles layers
- We use Adobe XD which has a free version
- A portrait photo or two
The 5 steps in this guide
Create a photo cutout
Add text
Add a grainy layer
Add a warm layer
Add a gradient overlay

1. Create a photo cutout

So we are biased, but we love using our own removal app from the menu bar of our Macs. But frankly, any app will work for you, just avoid using removal websites as you lose control of your photos and you might be surprised what others could use them for.
Avoid removal websites
By uploading your photos to unknown websites, you lose control over your rights and what others might use your photos for. Instead, use a dedicated app or an in-app function.

2. Add text

Let's add that magazine text. We used ITC Garamond, a font used by Apple in the 80s and 90s and which is gaining in popularity recently.
Font: ITC Garamond Book
Spacing: -40

3. Add a grainy layer

Now let's add a bit of texture to get that magazine look. We used a grainy photo with the "lighten" overlay setting. But feel free to play around to get the look that suit your style.
Layer Appearance: Lighten
Opacity: 29%

Download the noise texture for free here

4. Add a warm layer

Now, let's add a bit of warmth to the image. We simply added a warm colour on top with the "colour burn" setting.
Warm Colour HEX: #FFF9BD

Layer Appearance: Colour Burn
Opacity: 28%

5. Add a gradient layer

And lastly, to add that final magazine touch, we used a gradient layer to add a bit of variance to the image.
Layer Appearance: Overlay
Opacity: 30%

Download the gradient photo for free here


And there you go. A magazine look in just a few clicks. Recreate it for collages on socials or ad campaigns to reach a new audience.

We hope this guide has been helpful and feel free to send us an email on which guides you'd like to see us do next!
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